Blog 6 years ago

As of today we create so much scientific data that it’s impossible to send everything over the internet. In fact we would have to create a second internet just to support the amount of data we generate. This is generated from different kinds of sources think of high-energy physics from CERN, Astronomic data that like cosmic radiation, Biological data and much more. But even tough a lot of data is send with the UPS guy, some data just can’t wait for him. This is were TransLight comes in.

TransLight is an optical switched network for the scientific community. This means that TransLight is able to send data from connected cities in Europe to connected cities in the United States without converting the data to light en light to data more then once. This gives scientists a low latency and high bandwidth network, but most of all it gives them certainties. But every upside has it’s downside. To make use of the network you have to schedule a time-slot for when you are planning to use it. This means the network only works for small and demanding communities. In other words e-scientists.

You can download the TransLight presentation here.